• Meet a modern Hero: Noam Gershoni

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  • HOLOCAUST TWO: And You Thought It Couldn’t Happen Again!

          Have they begun stringing barbed wire again?  Have they set-up new ovens again?  How about those showers, are they getting them operational again? Are they stock-piling Zyklon B gas already? Sadly, many Americans reading the paragraph above have no idea what the heck I’m muttering about. “The … Continued

  • Testimonials: Bennett Rosner

    Before Eternal Flame I of course knew about the Holocaust. My school did a unit on it last year, and of course every jewish individual must know at least some background information about the tragedy. What I lacked was a connection to the holocaust, a way of truly knowing the … Continued

  • Testimonials: Zoe Pillar

    Being a part of the Eternal Flame fellowship has truly impacted me and has brightened the flame of Judaism eternally inside of me. I have always been aware of the events of the Holocaust and have heard and read about the impact it had on all people who survived it. … Continued

  • Testimonials: Emily Goldner

    The Eternal Flame program impacted me in many ways. I had learned about the Holocaust in Hebrew school and history class. and thought I knew a lot about it. But, listening to the speakers we had during the various sessions, I realized I didn’t know nearly as much as I … Continued

  • Testimonials: Ally Gillman

    Throughout the Eternal Flame sessions and final trip I learned more than I ever expected that I would. When agreeing to do this, I thought that I would just gain more insight on the Holocaust, however little did I know that I would learn so much more than that. Over … Continued

  • Testimonials: Emily Friedman

    The trip that I have recently gone on, Eternal Flame’s visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, has taught me a lot about my religion and what it meant to be Jewish during the war in Europe and what it means for us today. For example I learned on … Continued

  • Testimonials: Perri Mann

    The Eternal Flame trip has had a major impact on my life. I had once seen the Holocaust museum, but this time I had more of an opportunity to get to know the museum myself. I got to hear survivors speak and it was such an inspiration. Learning about the … Continued

  • Testimonials: Rachel Spiro

    The Eternal Flame was a great experience for me to learn about the Holocaust with other teens from my community. We had deep conversations and pondered things together that made me think about my life and the lives of those who endured the pain and suffering in the Holocaust. Hearing … Continued

  • Testimonials: Julia Steiner

    Eternal Flame has had a huge impact on my life, in more than one way. Through its sentimental, emotional, and informational appeal, I was able to grasp new Judaic insights not known before. Each meeting came a new speaker. And each speaker came a new and different perspective of what … Continued

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