About Eternal Flame

In the depth of darkness, shine the brightest of lights.

Eternal Flame is a community effort to brighten the very existence that the Nazis labored to extinguish. Through firsthand testimony, study and discussions, volunteering and trips, we are fortifying our own Jewish pride and sharing the joy with our respective circles.

Eternal Flame was started by the Jewish community in Pascack Valley, New Jersey.
Join us to carry the flame forward as individuals, as families and as a community.

Warm regards,
Rabbi Yosef Orenstein

“An important response to the Holocaust is to build. Hitler sought to annihilate us; we must respond by building a more committed and numerous Jewish world.”

Lubavitcher rebbe

“We have to go into the despair and go beyond it, by working and doing for somebody else, by using it for something else.”

Elie Wiesel
The Eternal Flame Trust is a Project of the

George & Marth Rich Foundation Michael Leob | Diane Herzog

Martha Rich survived the Holocaust and came to the United States in 1946. Though it was painful for her to speak about life in the ghetto and Auschwitz, she felt it was important that people never forget. She spoke at many high schools and colleges and played a pivotal role in the Paper Clips memorial project. She was appointed to the NJ State Commission on Holocaust Studies, was involved with various Jewish charities and led many missions to Israel.

George Rich served on the Joint Distribution Committee board of directors and was Chairman in Charge of Eastern Europe. He is a member of the JDC’s Schiff Society of donors. He and Marths served on the board of the Jewish Heritage Museum in New York and were greatly honored both jointly and individually for their life’s work.