March 22, 2015: Holocaust Survivor, author, to speak Sunday at launch of 2015 Teen Fellowship

Abraham Bichler

Dr. Abraham Bichler of Fair Lawn, a retired Hebrew professor at Fairly Dickenson University, will share with the Eternal Flame fellowship teens his family’s story of survival in the Holocaust.

As a boy, Bichler and his family were taken from their home in Poland and shipped to the frozen Russian wastelands of Siberia and the Taiga, where they were enslaved in Stalin’s labor camps. Surviving the harsh winter climate was nearly as challenging as surviving in the camp—a torturous hell where arriving five minutes late to work guaranteed a six-month jail sentence. As the years passed, Bichler and his family struggled and encountered many hardships, but constantly searched for the “little miracles” that ultimately led to their survival and immigration to the United States. His book, “Little Miracles” highlights those bright parts of the hell he endured.

Bichler has focused on the Holocaust that has been overshadowed by the more familiar stories of Hitler’s concentration camps and Jewish ghettos, but one that is equally important and shared by many.

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