Mark It With a Stone – Sunday evening, March 9th 6pm at Valley Chabad

Sandy Rubenstein is a teacher at the Horace Mann School in New York. Teaching is her passion, what she loves to do and has been doing for over thirty years. She is also the child of Holocaust survivors. In 1996, her father, Joseph Horn, published his memoirs, Mark It With a Stone, the fulfillment of a life-long dream. In 2008, the book was reprinted in paperback, with an introduction written by Sandy Rubenstein from the point of view of a child of survivors.

Joseph Horn passed away in 1999. Now, his daughter, Sandy Rubenstein, speaks to middle and high school students and others. Teaching about the lessons of the Holocaust is a calling, a compelling force for her. As she relates her father’s story, sharing excerpts from his book, she intersperses video clips of her father speaking directly about his experiences: a powerful medium. Students are riveted and full of questions. She addresses the need for young people, our future leaders, to reflect on their own moral responsibilities to stand up against today’s hate, bigotry, and genocide. As survivors are no longer with us, Sandy Rubenstein’s presentation allows new generations to witness history first hand.

Program for teens participating in the Eternal Flame Fellowship program. Click here to register.

Holocaust Survivor Bella Miller Recounts her Experience – Sunday Evening, March 23, 2014 6pm at Valley Chabad

Bella Miller still remembers the day the tattoo was engraved on her arm.

She was inside a barracks at Auschwitz, the infamous Nazi death camp in Poland, weeks after she arrived with her family in August 1944. Another inmate dipped a long needle in ink and punched the number into her arm. There were about three minutes of excruciating pain.

“You were not anymore a human being, you were a number and believe me that number will never leave my mind,” Miller says. “A24977: That’s what I was.”

Bella will be sharing her story of horror strength and inspiration to the teen of the Eternal Flame Fellowship Program at Valley Chabad.