Testimonials: Emily Goldner

The Eternal Flame program impacted me in many ways. I had learned about the Holocaust in Hebrew school and history class. and thought I knew a lot about it. But, listening to the speakers we had during the various sessions, I realized I didn’t know nearly as much as I thought I did. The stories that we were told were so moving, and gave insight into a whole different aspect of the Holocaust than what is covered in history class. It becomes much more personal when you know someone directly effected from the Holocaust.

The trip to DC was very interesting. I had been to the Holocaust museum there before, but this time I went through the museum with a different mindset. I really payed attention to what we saw, and had a different experience than the first time that I had been there. The Eternal Flame program really helped me to learn a lot and was a great experience that I am glad and lucky to have taken part in.

– Emily Goldner, 17, Saddle River