Testimonials: Julia Steiner

Eternal Flame has had a huge impact on my life, in more than one way. Through its sentimental, emotional, and informational appeal, I was able to grasp new Judaic insights not known before. Each meeting came a new speaker. And each speaker came a new and different perspective of what the Holocaust was really like. Being able to hear these people speak of the time that we as Jews like to keep in our hearts as a memory of the demolition of our people on a first or second hand basis is truly remarkable.

As generations pass on and these survivors are no longer able to share with us their treacherous journey, our generation must take on this new step to teach others what we can no longer be taught.

Eternal Flame has showed me this lesson through not only the incredible speakers, but by our trip to Washington D.C. Seeing the Holocaust Museum brought to light different emotions and connections to my Judaic heritage I never experienced before. I am so fortunate to have been given this opportunity and am especially grateful for all of the new people I met who share these common beliefs.

– Julia Steiner, 17, Montvale