October 27, 2014: Anne Frank’s step sister and Holocaust survivor, Eva Schloss, to share her story in rare US appearance.

Eva Schloss

Holocaust survivor and stepsister of Anne Frank, Eva Schloss joins us at the on Monday evening, October 27, 2014 to share the story of the horrific experiences of her past. With two books published and having spoken to numerous crowds, Eva keeps the legacy of Anne Frank alive and seeks to spread awareness of one of the most tragic events in history.

“Her tale paints the story of a happy childhood, but soon takes listeners through a process of marginalization, intimidation and progressive stalking. She recalls her family’s capture by Nazis on her 15th birthday and the trip to Auschwitz that followed.

Eva survived the Holocaust but lost a piece of her soul. Although marrying and raising three daughters, she kept her youthful horrors a secret. Eva spent 40 years in silence and emotional isolation, believing nobody cared.

But in the mid 1980s, Eva Schloss’ life came full-circle. Given an unexpected opportunity to speak to a London crowd at an Anne Frank exhibition, her bottled words came gushing forth. So did her life.

Eva found her voice again, and a reason for joy. Smiling, she admits she has yet to stop talking in 25 years. Both author and public speaker, she shares her story and heralds a message of peace.” -Maura Sweeney, Huffington Post