Why should you remember the Holocaust?



World impact, maybe? The holocaust is a historical tragedy that affected the entire globe. There are still people alive today who suffered and survived the holocaust – they lost everything – their families,homes and cultural histories have been demolished.

If that does not merit “remembering” a devastating part of history I don’t know what does. How can anyone forget?


“He who does not learn from history, is doomed to repeat it.”

-George Santayana


Because it was a major event in history when millions of Jews and others were murdered. We need to remember the Holocaust so that we remember the horrors that innocent people were put through.

However, the main reason it should still be taught and thought about is to remind us of why it should never happen again. Even more so because the world we live in today is far more complex, which would make it even easier to build such mass killing machines. Our history can help us learn from our past and live for a better future.

Everyone should have the opportunity to learn and discover about the holocaust because it is the biggest known genocide ever. We should not forget about the innocent people who were murdered because Hitler didn’t agree with them. People should always learn from mistakes, and it makes things a lot less painful if they are not your own.

We need to remember the Holocaust so that we remember the horrors that innocent people were put through, and so this can’t happen again.

We should remember the holocaust so we can make sure that nothing like this will ever happen again. if this would happen again we would know what to do because the Holocaust educated us on this major events in history. Always keep in memory all those Jews and non Jews that were murdered.

We should do it out of the respect of the millions of innocent men womeN and children who were killed together in the most evil way you can ever imagine. They died a long death, often watching the ones they loved most suffer. Each and every single one of these people had friends, family, etc. They were ordinary people. Why were they killed? Simply because they were Jews. Another reason why is that it can be passed on to the future generations about the true horrors of rasism so something as terrible may never, ever happen again.