Eugene Black | Slave Labourer and Camp Survivor

Eugene was born Jeno Schwartz in Munkacs, Czechoslovakia in 1928. He had a happy family life with 3 sisters and a brother. His mother came from an orthodox Jewish family but his father, who was a master tailor, did not. Religion played little part in Eugene’s upbringing. In November 1938 … Continued

Filmmaker Nancy Spielberg tells little-known story

Filmmaker Nancy Spielberg’s new documentary “Above and Beyond” has a simple message wrapped up in a complex story that continues to resonate seven decades later. The film tells the story of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War from the perspective of the pilots who fought for the newly established state of Israel. … Continued

Teens, Holocaust survivors create friendships

  Some teenagers with a special interest in World War II are reaching out to a declining and often lonely South Florida community: Holocaust survivors. Local Holocaust survivors get help, courtesy of Germany Local Holocaust survivors get help, courtesy of Germany The teens, working through a new program, From March … Continued

Oldest Holocaust survivor dies aged 110

The world’s oldest known Holocaust survivor has died aged 110, her family have said. Alice Herz-Sommer, who lived in London and was originally from Prague, was confined in the Terezin – or Theresienstadt – concentration camp for two years after the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia during the Second World War. … Continued

Joseph Samuels: Exposing crime against Iraqi Jews

  His voice cracking with emotion, his eyes welling with tears, Joseph Samuels, 84 and a retired Jewish real estate developer, recalled the pogrom’s angry Muslim mobs in Baghdad that his Iraqi family and the Jewish community there faced during the Holocaust. Known as the “Farhud,” this violent pogrom was … Continued

Arthur Flug is retiring after helping transform the Kupferberg Holocaust Center in Queens into a respected learning lab on tolerance

  After multiple careers in education, politics and community service, Arthur Flug found his true calling as executive director of the Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center and Archives at Queensborough Community College. It was 2006 and he was 67 years old. Flug, who helped transform the center from a basement library … Continued

U.S. Holocaust Museum 20th Anniversary Tribute

  Former President Bill Clinton and Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel spoke at an event marking the 20th anniversary of the Holocaust Museum. Both recalled the dedication ceremony for the museum, where Mr. Wiesel called on President Clinton to do something about the genocide and ethnic cleansing taking place in Yugoslavia and … Continued