Zane Buzby — ‘One Foot in Comedy, One Foot in the Holocaust’





“We are living in a unique moment in time. A tipping point. We are witness to the last generation of Holocaust survivors, and we are the last generation to have the opportunity and the honor to help them. These are people who endured the darkest days of human history, and they are out there right now — still suffering over 75 years after the start of the War. Where is the mass movement to help them? There are millions of dollars being spent on monuments and museums (certainly important endeavors), but we have plenty of time to do that. Right now, people who survived the Holocaust are unable to keep on surviving without our help. Future generations will look back at this time and be shocked that there were still Holocaust survivors suffering in 2014. And we will be able to say, ‘Yes, there were, but when we found out about it, we helped.'” — Statement by Zane Buzby, founder of The Survivor Mitzvah Project, a non-profit grass roots effort to bring emergency aid to the last survivors of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe who are in desperate need of food, medicine, heat and shelter.


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