Eli Yishai’s spiritual leader explains why ‘the Holocaust passed over Sephardim’




The rulings of Rabbi Meir Mazuz provide a glimpse into his positions: He encourages haredi soldiers to refuse orders to evacuate settlements and allows tax evasion for yeshiva students.


“Why did the terrible Holocaust nearly pass over the Sephardim? It is the fruit of the holy Torah’s education,” said Rabbi Meir Mazuz, the spiritual leader of the HaAm Itanu party. Eli Yishai’s “teacher” is considered one of the most senior rabbis among Sephardic ultra-Orthodox, but he is less well-known to the wider public. His religious rulings therefore allow a glimpse into his attitude towards the state’s law, his controversial opinions, and his positions that are deeply rooted in the right-wing.

The book “Makor Ne’eman” (2010), published by his students, includes short and succinct halacha answers Rabbi Mazuz wrote to those who turned to him with different matters. Question number 958 was: “Some believe Ashkenazi education is better than Sephardic education. Is there truth to that belief?”


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