Holocaust survivor, David Tuck, shares his experience




Many called his story amazing, a few a testimony of perseverance and others said it left them shaken. Either way, it seemed the story of Holocaust survivor David Tuck had a significant impact on Gwynedd Mercy University students.

“From him I learned you should never give up,” said junior Jasmin Hall, 20, after the talk. “Determination was prevalent in his experience. The fact he could survive something so deathly was amazing.”

Tuck survived the Holocaust and with pride he said multiple times during his talk in University Hall at the university Nov. 19 that he is “still alive.”

“I am happy and alive,” he told students and faculty. “Now it’s my job to make sure you never forget.”

Approximately 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust during World War II. When Tuck was 10 years old, the Germans invaded his native country of Poland on Sept. 1, 1939 and for five years he was transported to three different internment camps where food was scarce, the work was laborious and sickness and death were all around him.

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